english fishing

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English fishing

English fishing is in the same group as coarse fishing and is suitable in calm waters. The technique remains the same, moreover, it is increasingly practiced worldwide. It is in the tools used lies the uniqueness of it.

Whether with a cane rings, fitting or telescopic and reel, it is possible to have different types of fish. But it must be taken for successful methodical.

English fishing as coarse fishing

The technique of English fishing does not differ from that of coarse fishing although it is done with some finesse. The fisherman must be attentive and focused and not simply wait for the fish to come to him. It is best to look for fish moving a little lead or background change from time to time.

The advantage of this technique is such interesting species found in shallow pond with a gently sloping bottom. Fish lying near the edge are less suspicious by the lack of noise and disturbance. The cane with a reel is shorter than the blow and you can catch fish with a special nylon more elastic.

For a start the practice of fishing, that the English is ideal because it allows you to become familiar with the environment and tools. What characterizes this method is that it is easier to change the rules and we did not mount other than waggler floats. It should be noted that the launch of the primer requires a bit of practice to be as accurate and right. This type of fishing gives a good decision as it is practiced at large.

Useful tools for english fishing

The material generally used for fishing is the English cane with a reel. It must be flexible and strong enough for a throw away lines and precise. Must prefer to son for more discretion vis-à-vis fish. The development of the line must consist of waggler is a suitable stopper and held the bottom. It is used to prevent the fisherman once there is a button, without the fish noticing.

In terms of the length of the rod, it must be between 3.90 m to 4.20 m, that is to say from 13 to 14 inches and the rings must be as many as 11 or 12 for s' give over. Anyway, we must choose the most lighter and balanced. With a cane quality, it is possible to use it repeatedly without breaking.

The reel used for fishing in the English is a little different because the coil has a shallow groove with a capacity of 150 m winding wire brand 1k500. We can also provide "wigs" acting on the fineness of the yarn through a reel overturned. However, this system can brake the yarn spinning and reduces the distance fishing.

Everything depends on the fisherman can choose a coil with a thin wire, or take one with a nylon and is more robust. It is necessary, in this second case, choose one that is suitable for fishing in English. You can also get different tools for fishing float, the sinker or Quiver-Tip. But we must always inquire regarding fixtures and related equipment. Goodadvice for English fishing


how to fishing spoon

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Fishing spoon

We do not need to be a professional to use the various fishing techniques. Just understand the usual fish and have the necessary equipment to fulfill its basket.

Fishing spoon is one of the most effective techniques in freshwater. It does not take into account the carnivorous appetite, but their aggressiveness.


Fixed before the bait, spoon bait is undoubtedly the best known and most used for the carnivorous fish with a spinning rod.

It is made ​​of metal lure that mimics the movements, shapes and bursts of prey.

There are mainly two types of spoon namely:
the rotating
the undulating.

As its name implies, performs the undulating ripples and imitates the movements of a wounded                      fish:

As for turning, she rotations while causing vibrations. The latter will irritate carnivores, which will trigger the attack:

The technique of fishing spoon can be used not only for lake fishing, but also for a fishing creek or river. It is ideal for catching perch, trout, pike and black bass.
The best season is recommended for use in the spring. But the technique of fishing spoon will be not very effective at the moment when the sun's rays are not reflected on the still water.  

What is interesting with spoon fishing is that it is both very simple. In addition, the equipment you need is easy to carry.

The principle of fishing spoon

Even beginners can use the technique of fishing spoon. To do this, they just have to hold the rod so as to form an angle of 45 ° relative to the ground, with their index to make the wire and opening the pick-up reel.

Once done, they must belong cane gently and run the wire. This must be done with precision, especially for fishing stream. The wire should be launched around the area where the fish are.

The fisherman must be very careful in crowded places where there are trees, because the lure can get lost easily. It is also advisable to ensure that the contact of water with the spoon does not make too much noise, not to scare the fish. Once it hits the water, the rod will automatically raise and crank the reel will cause the movement of the pickup.

From time to time, vary the speed of the throwing motion because of the spoon should not be monotonous. Similarly, it is recommended to change quite often spoon in order to determine which is the most suitable. This is because a spoon which drew a fish does not necessarily seduce another few minutes.

Once the fish are caught, it will be necessary to strike, that is to say, keep the rod to form a 45 ° angle with water. Then it will wait until the fish is exhausted and pull the stick back to the line taut. Recovery of fish will be done when the rod is lowered. Once this is done, simply pick up the slack formed by reeling then remove the fish with a net.

Tips for a successful fishing spoon

The technique of fishing spoon has the advantage of being both simple and effective. However, to use, it is important to control it. It is also necessary to ensure that the pallet can not stop the rotation, even for a very short duration.

Recovery of fish should not be done quickly or too linear speed. Moreover, given that this is the spoon that is mainly used to attract fish, you must know the well choose.

That will be used will be silver in color if the sky is blue and clear water and golden color in case you want to fish at dawn or dusk.

The choice should also be based on the type of water: sea fishing for a common spoon willow leaf type is ideal for a while lake fishing, the mass range is best suited.


Fishing techniques

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                        Fishing techniques practiced most

The fly fishing

The fisherman choosing this method is somewhat in harmony with nature, and the moments he spends fishing to observe the fish are magical moments.

The principle of no-kill is primarily not to kill the prey obtained

The simplicity of the technique is such that the use of a boot on a specific area can consolidate taken a hit.

Fishing lure is an activity that requires the mastery of a number of techniques.

Fishing spoon is one of the most effective techniques in freshwater. It does not take into account the carnivorous appetite, but their aggressiveness.

Fishing for English is in the same group as coarse fishing and is suitable in calm waters.

This technique relies on the use of detectors keys instead of floats.

Bombette fishing is the practice of throwing light lures and natural baits on a large enough distance.

This activity is practiced in Japan for a long time, because even if the technique is fairly rudimentary, it captures a lot of fish.

It is in the Pyrenean region that fishing technique toc arose. It was then a simple leisure activity for the brown trout rivers of middle and high mountains of the region

Sea fishing can be done either on board or by boat and various fishing techniques must be mastered.

This is an effective method to catch the most fish species, but particularly attracts predators, such as trout.

Surfcasting is now among the one of the most popular fishing activities at sea

Scientifically speaking, two days before the new and full moon are very supportive of this activity

The street fishing is just one of the forms of fishing activity in vogue. Many European cities are to be places of practice of this innovative method.

Whether you want to catch perch, carp, pike or trout, you should always choose the right fishing technique to avoid renter hands empty handed. But they are not random, since they must match the fishing area that is to say, river or pond, lake or sea, but this is not all, because we must also take account of climate day and the type of fish to catch.

There are two main types of fishing techniques: static style also known as coarse fishing and dynamic style or sport fishing. The first principle is to attract fish in a defined area using primer. In the second, however, is the fisherman who goes to meet fish.

But in both cases, the static technique is most commonly practiced by beginners or not, because it's easier. But do not forget, for one and the other, always bait.