how do you catch bass fish

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The name of the bass varies from one region to another. It is especially in the north you can hear this name.  but how do you catch bass fish? It is with information on fish and regulations relating thereto that can certainly succeed in bass fishing.

bass or wolf

In Mediterranean countries, the bass is called the "wolf" because it is a predator. Indeed, it eats small fish and crustaceans. It has a good smell and easily spot prey. His technique is such that it is waiting for a storm to hunt. It is ideal to catch the fish in the day.

There may be two types of bass's according to the region, but the flecked bass is unique. It is smaller and has big eyes with a blue back and a figure much less slender. It has two ridges on its back, the first is a defense weapon as it is challenging.

The behavior of this fish is gregarious and carnivorous diet. It can be found in estuaries and areas where there is plenty of water. But sometimes, he settled in sandy and rocky areas to hide. The female lays eggs per pack and growing as a bench.

Regarding the flesh of the bass, it is very popular and its varieties allow an enjoyable activity for fishing. how do you catch bass fish, one must first know the existing varieties, their mode of adaptation to nature and their lifestyle in general. A bass can be 1 m long and weighs about 10 kg. It can be identified by the black spot behind his ear and his massive silver color.

These are not teeth that form the mouth of the wolf, but rough and thick lips. To swallow the prey, it uses small pins that are in rows at the bottom of his do you catch bass fish.

Regulations for bass fishing

bass fishing is enjoyable and allows true relaxation. Professionals, put in place regulations to secure and protect fish. Indeed, they found that there is almost no bass where this measurement. Since 2009, there have been so reform.

Under this reform, we must respect the legal size is 25 cm in the Mediterranean and at least 36 for the Atlantic, the Channel and the North Sea. In other words, we must release the fish that do not meet these measures. Fishermen to regulations that hinder face a fine.

This mesh size biological or biological must be respected to allow the opportunity for fish to fertilize. In addition, it is difficult to distinguish the male from the female. Moreover, we must cut the tail as soon as the dry. This allows a reduction of the decision in the interest of conservation.

Successful bass fishing

In order to have the best result in bass fishing, you must take into account various factors. Therefore, the bait bass must be on his way of eating. We must also consider the appropriate techniques and temperature, visibility, depth, color of the sky and weather conditions. However, the list is not exhaustive.

The best fishing season runs from the mid-January to mid-March, September to December and from April to June The wolf is in the Mediterranean Sea all the French coast and can be caught with the right tools. It provides a real sport with his combative nature, and especially its considerable size and weight can reach 15 kg.

When fishing, you have to choose the moment as dusk, at night and at dawn. However, it is possible to catch during the day either in the morning or afternoon. It should especially be taken during the time they hunt.

Regarding the techniques to use, you can choose between bass fishing bait and bass fishing lures. It only remains to find the right equipment. In the second case, the decoy must be alive. One can very well apply other techniques such as surfcasting, great beaches, throwing lures for bass, fishing whip, fly or popper.

Methods may vary depending on the season and location. You can choose to start fishing with a spoon or fish swimmer, the English fishing, trolling or fly fishing artificial. He must know how to manipulate and to follow techniques for assured results.

By following these methods, you can be successful fishing regardless of the technique used. Must be direct and fast at the outlet. Can concoct baits such as stews, however, the easiest thing to surface lures or fishing with a bright cap Nice. The kernel can be used as a bait, but do not be too cool. It is the same for squid or cuttlefish do you catch bass fish

In addition, it takes into account the other character is a fish predator hunter. The experience can be very useful and fans must be accompanied by professionals. It may be noted that when the spawning period approaches, you can find big fish. It is then possible to catch easily because they easily bite the bait. In fact, they want to store food in reserve for the winter. Thus, from the first rolls came, they follow.

In strong winds, the predator gains strength, fishermen should take to increase their intake.