Fishing techniques

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                        Fishing techniques practiced most

The fly fishing

The fisherman choosing this method is somewhat in harmony with nature, and the moments he spends fishing to observe the fish are magical moments.

The principle of no-kill is primarily not to kill the prey obtained

The simplicity of the technique is such that the use of a boot on a specific area can consolidate taken a hit.

Fishing lure is an activity that requires the mastery of a number of techniques.

Fishing spoon is one of the most effective techniques in freshwater. It does not take into account the carnivorous appetite, but their aggressiveness.

Fishing for English is in the same group as coarse fishing and is suitable in calm waters.

This technique relies on the use of detectors keys instead of floats.

Bombette fishing is the practice of throwing light lures and natural baits on a large enough distance.

This activity is practiced in Japan for a long time, because even if the technique is fairly rudimentary, it captures a lot of fish.

It is in the Pyrenean region that fishing technique toc arose. It was then a simple leisure activity for the brown trout rivers of middle and high mountains of the region

Sea fishing can be done either on board or by boat and various fishing techniques must be mastered.

This is an effective method to catch the most fish species, but particularly attracts predators, such as trout.

Surfcasting is now among the one of the most popular fishing activities at sea

Scientifically speaking, two days before the new and full moon are very supportive of this activity

The street fishing is just one of the forms of fishing activity in vogue. Many European cities are to be places of practice of this innovative method.

Whether you want to catch perch, carp, pike or trout, you should always choose the right fishing technique to avoid renter hands empty handed. But they are not random, since they must match the fishing area that is to say, river or pond, lake or sea, but this is not all, because we must also take account of climate day and the type of fish to catch.

There are two main types of fishing techniques: static style also known as coarse fishing and dynamic style or sport fishing. The first principle is to attract fish in a defined area using primer. In the second, however, is the fisherman who goes to meet fish.

But in both cases, the static technique is most commonly practiced by beginners or not, because it's easier. But do not forget, for one and the other, always bait.


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