how to fish in the sea

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How to fish in sea

How to fish in sea if you are a beginner in the field? Whatever your age, you can still learn to fish. You can quickly find out the different species of fish, their location and their lifestyle.

This will allow you to better understand in order to become a good fisherman. Various fishing techniques must also be mastered. Sea fishing can be done either on board or by boat.

The facts about sea fishing

Sea fishing can be done from the shore or on a boat near the coast or in the middle of the sea materials that are used are many, there are eg coarse fishing equipment that is used to catch small fish , not to mention the English cane or bolognese which is effective for capturing larger fish.

The "rockfishing" is a fishing lure that is made to catch bars. This kind of fishing is practiced mainly on rocky shores. As for the "surfcasting", it is to catch the wave to catch whiting for example.
When you are on a boat, you are either trolling, the drift or at anchor that. When you catch the edge, you can use the materials necessary for coarse fishing. They can capture fish such as smelt. To catch big fish while you sin the edge, you must use the Bolognese rod or the English.

In most European countries, it is necessary to follow the regulations regarding fishing areas and fish mesh. While fishing, we must bear in mind that marine resources may be exhausted as anything. Therefore, it is important to return to the water small fish we caught and those that will not eat not to make waste.


It is also noted that unlawfully market seafood is severely punished by law. Glass eels are a species becoming more and more rare should not be fished.

The shore fishing for surfcasting

Surfcasting fishing is a technique that is also called "search of fish in the wave." This is an activity that takes place along the coast and on the beach with a stick placed vertically on a pole and line baited.

Materials needed for surfcasting are the same regardless of where you are fishing. Note that with this technique, the angler must initiate a bottom line responsibility lead weighing 50 to 200 g. It must wait for the button afterwards. This is in harmony with nature for several to fish in sea ?

In fishing, it is possible to admire the stars and the sea view, not to mention the sunrises and sunsets. Surfcasting fishing is a passion for these practitioners, because it takes hours for it to bite. It therefore requires a lot of patience because the wait can be very long. Therefore, it is advisable to sit comfortably, and the food at hand. But note that the fisherman is sometimes necessary to move to follow the tide

Sea fishing on a boat

Fishing techniques sea are numerous and everybody can acquire these different methods to have fun while fishing. Sea fishing is mostly practiced by a large number of vacationers and or browsers.

Most of them are passionate and dedicated to their favorite sport. Some people engage in this type of fishing occasionally, especially during family outings and just for fun. But how to fish in sea ?

Know that it is done at anchor or drift. Because fishing techniques are plentiful, you have to pick one that really fits the type of fish you want to catch.

It is important to possess a GPS to remember the places where fishing has been good. Apart from the reel and rod, it is important to have various equipment for fishing is done in the best conditions as possible. Having also predicts contingencies that might be caused by the weather.