Fishing equipments

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Everything on the reel

To make a good catch, it is important to have efficient fishing gear. These must be chosen depending on the type of fishing and make fishing spot.

Indeed, the choice of tools depends on these points. There have been changes in the strength and lightness of these materials, however, fishermen prefer to use fixed spool reel.

What is a reel?

The reel used to catch large fish that are both fast and aggressive. It has reserves of wire braid, fluorocarbon or nylon to cope with all situations that may occur during fishing.....

Introduction to Mitchell reels

The reel is among the most fishing equipment needed. Choose one should not make any comment. There are obviously criteria to consider, especially since several models can be found on the market. Among the most recommended, there are reels brand Mitchell.


Mitchell reel is especially appreciated for its effectiveness.

The bass boat, fishing equipment more and more used

Increasingly opt for fishing fishing boat, not only for pleasure but also for better fishing results. They use this to make a bass boat.

It is a fishing equipment is not reserved for professionals, but can also be used by beginners. The bass boat can also easily capture predators and black bass.

It is distinguished by the fact that it was designed to allow the angler to catch fish rising and is indeed suitable for power fishing.

The Importance of choosing a Shimano


There are many varieties of fishing gear that are available for fans of fishing activities.

To facilitate the selection of reels, a variety of providers offers many advantages reels. Than Shimano is just part.

Features of Shimano reels

They are fishing tools under a Japanese brand. They are present in different models and are designed to meet the needs of fans of fishing.

Introduction to sounders


Echo sounder, also known as the sounder is an electronic device that detects the presence of fish and

These data are represented as an image on its screen.

Echo sounder is a useful accessory for fishing. It is now possible to find several models on the market.
obstacles and determines the depth of the water.

History and operation

Apparatus for the fisherman, the echo sounder was created by Carl Lowrance in the 50s. It is, however, that in the early 2000s it began to be used

All about fishing floats


Float fishing is a tool that fishermen like to see disappear.

For more performance when fishing, it is important to have further knowledge on what you mean by float fishing and how best it should be used.

 Description of  fishing float

 The floats have different forms, those long and thin are used in calm waters such as a river or canal.

The polarized glasses: an essential fishing equipment

The polarized sunglasses are part of fishing equipment needed. They provide visual comfort and facilitate the observation of fish. These glasses can be used by beginners as well as more experienced fishermen.

What are polarized sunglasses?

The polarizing glasses used to protect the eyes from the brightness as during periods of high heat, water reflects the sun causing damage to the retina intensely.