The polarized glasses: an essential fishing equipment

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The polarized sunglasses are part of fishing equipment needed. They provide visual comfort and facilitate the observation of fish. These glasses can be used by beginners as well as more experienced fishermen.

What are polarized sunglasses?

The polarizing glasses used to protect the eyes from the brightness as during periods of high heat, water reflects the sun causing damage to the retina intensely.

Polarized lenses reduce the light reflection at the water surface. These glasses are effective because they disappear against the glare of light.
"They leave through the useful light rays as light waves are completely absorbed by the glass. The same is true for unwanted reflections are eliminated right away. 
Polarized sunglasses also help protect against hooks lures, and triple branches crankbaits. It is always useful to take precautions and use of specialized glasses for fishing, because accidents can happen at any time. It is possible that the lure hits the face when pulling on the rod.

For those who fish regularly, it is necessary to procure a pair specialized fishing. It also allows you to be more efficient for fishing, because they help to notice whether or not the fish in the water. Most experienced fishermen know the importance of polarized sunglasses in this activity.
Choosing polarized sunglasses

To make the right choice, we must superimpose two pairs. To do this, place one pair at 90 ° to each other, if the glass darkens completely and do not let the light, it is of good quality.

The polycarbonate lenses are plastic lenses, they are lighter than glass lenses, but the same qualities of resistance. Types of polycarbonate glass are numerous, there are for example:
  • Watersun polycarbonate, which has an orange-pink color. These are glasses that have been specially designed as they are equipped with a surface that maximizes eye protection. It can be used for all types of fishing.
  • polycarbonate Process, which are both lightweight glasses and solids. They eliminate glare, filter light and provide excellent eye protection against external natural attacks.
  • polycarbonate Photocontrol TS, which is a photochromic glass. It is yellow in color and gray and has a silicon screen. This type of glass is an exceptional breakthrough in the bezel polarizing fishing. This is the first photochromic polycarbonate glass that has been created. It is especially recommended for people who are passionate about fishing, but have a fragile eyes.
 So for performance and safety, do not hesitate to get polarizing glasses.