Reels for carp fishing

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 As with any other type of fish, there are specific equipment for catching carp.

While a variety of tools available on the market, but the reel for carp is one of the most effective and most used elsewhere.

This equipment can be found in most stores that sell fishing accessories.

There are several models which differ mainly by their size, weight and shape.

What is a reel for carp?

As its name suggests, the reel for carp is the centerpiece of the room for fishing rods carp. It is primarily a tool to facilitate a fishing trip. Before the detachable reel was the most requested type. But the time has changed, by the continued development of fishing techniques.
At this time, other models yet sophisticated, but also easier to handle appeared. They are increasingly popular and have the ability to make it much easier to hold. Competition in their manufacture and sale has become very tough. This is the reason why the market can not meet very often anymore reels or poorly manufactured with defects.
 "Models that especially interested fishermen today are those that can make the game enjoyable fishing that is to say, given the opportunity to have fun catching fish.
Right now, many are, in fact, those wishing to take their ease and not make too much effort to achieve a productive fishery.

That is why the carp reels that are easy to handle and sturdy and does not let go are increasingly sought after.
What are the criteria to consider when buying?

The reel must meet several criteria if it is to meet the needs of buyers. None of these requirements must not be overlooked. Otherwise, the results obtained during a fishing trip may not be satisfactory:
  • First, it must be powerful. Its strength is essential because prey are often of great size.
  • His recovery per turn must also reach 75 to 80 cm and the brake is more appreciated if it is accurate, in addition to being micrometer.
  • Regarding capacity, it must not be below 300m 35/100 and a suitable ratio is recommended.
  • It must also be strong enough to withstand all the bumps and movements that may suffer.
The reels Shimano range are among those that meet all these criteria. It was made ​​of aluminum, which makes it both lightweight and very durable. In addition, it does not require much maintenance other than regular cleaning, especially after its use.

However, from time to time, it is recommended to check the setting. This can be done either before or after use.