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Predator fishing

Predator fishing is very popular in this field of activity, so that techniques for this type of fishing evolve more. Many methods do appear frequently, with different types of lures that are sold in specialty stores.

If before predators were still easy to catch because of their large amount and it should not appeal to a lot of techniques that you can succeed best taken, has now become less obvious. With climate change, the removal of fish from fishing as well as the decrease in number of marine species, fish require a great application and obviously more sophisticated methods.

To give you a little insight, the predator fishing techniques often revolve around the technical lively, one vertical, technical waddle, fly, lure or handled. These formulas are appropriate for the fishing of aquatic predators such as perch, pike and asp.

But taking into account predator environments and the nature of the climate is critical to the success of a good catch. Nevertheless, the problem often arises at the embarrassment of choice processes predator fishing. Here's a guide to enlighten you ...

Carnivorous fish: species

The carnivorous fish are very popular . They feed on other fish, amphibians, birds or small mammals. We distinguish various species of carnivorous fish such as pike, perch high, perch. Trout and salmon are also belong the class but especially in the family Salmonidae.

Knowing the carnivorous fish

Predator or carnivore means a living being with a specific diet. Indeed, it feeds on flesh or tissues of animals dead or alive. Their mode of food is therefore contrary to omnivores that eat plants.

Predators are generally freshwater fish such as pike, zander, perch, bass, catfish. But there may also have sea fish such as barracuda or trevally.

Its teeth is remarkable with many rows sharp and razor sharp. Caution should be exercised when captured because they are aggressive.

Pike fish: a carnivorous appreciated

Pike is best known predators and is appreciated worldwide. It can be found almost everywhere in Europe, northwest of Spain and southern Italy. in america, it is in the northern half of that found in more.

It differs from other fish by its mouth which allows it to easily capture its prey. its body allows it to attack by surprise.

Pike are sedentary and solitary, it is present in waters where currents are hweak . It can change depending on whether or hunting area lies.

The zander

Zander from Hungary. it lives mostly in freshwater and its size may exceed 90 cm depending on its environment. The fishing technique that suits it , namely the death handled or soft lure.

It usually lives in groups and moves all the time. It is found mostly at the bottom of the sea . it became very popular nowadays.

You can get it by adopting the technique of fishing for pike, because it bites fish dead or alive.

The carnivorous popular:  perch

Perch among the fish that abound in lakes or rivers. It is ranked among the predatory fish that feed and since it can either eat or be eaten. It feeds including worms, crustaceans, insect larvae and predatory.

the predator starts search for the food during the night. Otherwise, it eats at dawn or dusk. Besides the fact that it is beautiful, its flesh is very good and is best dishes.

It is freshwater that is found especially in running waters and moderate in stagnant ponds and lakes. Thanks to its small size, it is possible to angling, however, you can always use different techniques ranging from basic to sports.

The catfish

Fish for catfish, you have to go in the countries of Eastern Europe. More specifically, the banks of the Danube and rivers, along the Caspian Sea and the Baltic. This fish is specific with a big size without scales. The color of their skin can vary, but is usually greenish-brown and very smooth. Her belly may be white and yellow, and albino types have a fully color yellow or orange-yellow. They noted significantly in water.

Also distinguished by hundreds of species of "Silurus Glanis " which is very well known in Europe and the "Silurus aristotelis" known particularly in Greece. This catfish original major rivers of Central Europe is also reflected in the watersheds of the Black Sea from the Caspian and the Baltic.

the chub

As for Chub, the existing fishing techniques can be used to catch it. This is a fish that eats everything, hence the name "window-on." It can not only consume small fish, but aquatic plants. This differentiates still other carnivorous fish.

Unlike other predators, it has little culinary value since it does not have much taste. It can be found in freshwater,